As a graphic designer I used Adobe Flash a lot in my work including for Programming using Actionscript. It had a lot of user friendly features which made embedding code in your movies easier. Along the way I learned many programming concepts including object oriented programming. I’m sure many designers would have done the same.

I have been a Flash user since the days of Macromedia Flash version 3.0. Flash version 4.0 and beyond introduced significant improvements in Actionscript.

Being a non-programmer myself I had to struggle a lot to gain an understanding of Actionscript Terminology. But it made my designs interactive and stand out from the rest.

I would also say that Actionscript introduced me to programming world and made me love it.

But when Adobe announced the end of life of Flash Player and browsers enabling increased capabilities for HTML 5 it made no sense to continue learning Actionscript anymore.

Actionscript is still used in AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) development which runs in almost all devices. It is also used in Apache Flex. (Adobe donated Flex to Apache Foundation and is used in numerous gaming frameworks like Starling framework.

I was looking out for other programming languages to learn and tried out Javascript which is very much similar to Actionscript as both are ECMA based languages. But learning Javascript had me confused as it has a lot of frameworks and libraries.

Then i tried Python but found it too technical and it was mostly used for Data Analysis stuff.

I also tried Haxe Programming Language which is strikingly similar to Actionscript. The guys who created Haxe are Flash Developers themselves so migrating from Actionscript to Haxe is a breeze. But Haxe didn’t have proper documentation and it also seemed not to work well in Linux Ubuntu (I am a Ubuntu user myself). But guys who are expert programmers in Java, C++, Actionscript etc will have no trouble in learning this language. You might find more information on this website.

It has got its own community with very talented developers. Many games are also developed in this language.

Also being curious tried my hand at Swift Programming Language. Was very excited after Apple announced that they had open sourced the language. But was taken aback when learnt that only some applications can be developed in Linux. For the most part for the code to compile properly one would need Xcode and Mac operating system. Also being proprietary i.e. Though open sourced most of the decisions would be coming from Apple. You might find more information on this website (

Then I stumbled upon Ruby while browsing for courses on Went through the course Ruby Essential Training by Kevin Skoglund. Initially was reluctant to learn but once I went through some of the videos I simply enjoyed it and decided to continue to learn it.

The advantages of learning Ruby are

  • Its a general purpose programming language
  • It works seamlessly on all operating systems Mac, Windows and Linux
  • You get to learn command line operations. You can fire up the command prompt in linux and mac os, open irb and start programming
  • You can programme in any text editor. Many are freely available. On Mac you have Text Wrangler and in Linux you have Gedit
  • Ruby is object-oriented. Everything in Ruby is an object. Working with object-oriented languages has many advantages.

I am enjoying learning and working with Ruby though I am only a beginner and programming is just a hobby for me.

I would encourage all beginner programmers and hobbyists to try Ruby. You can find more information at the below link.

I hope to add more articles on Ruby Programming Language in the near future.